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We’ll assume that you’ve been able to log in okay, however if you need a reminder of your username and password just get in touch with us here.

Once you’ve logged in you will see a list of smart objects similar to this (you will probably only have one or two listed) ;

Simply highlight the correct object to be edited…

…and click “Manage”

!!don't click “Delete” as the resource cannot be recovered!!

This will open a new display;

For News Resources this opens the Editor!

For Blogs you will be taken to a list of previous blog articles. Highlight one to edit it or delete it, otherwise select “New” to create a new blog; this will open up the Editor!

You can simply type your new text in the large white box.

The Editor…

For News Resources leave the name as it is.

For Blogs use this area to give your article a title.

See below to find out more about the various buttons on the tool bar.

Click “Save” to save your progress and continue working.

Click “Save and Exit” to save your article and return to the Library screen.

Use the integrated scroll bar to scroll down the screen for further options;

For News Resources you can “Exit” to cancel your work.

For Blogs you can “Cancel” to cancel your work.

The Editor Toolbar…

Bold, Italics, Underscore and strike-through buttons.

Use the toolbar to change the appearance of your text and even add image and video links (see below)…

Create bullet points and indent text.

Use the pull down menus to change headings, text styles (fonts) and the text size.

Add smilies.

Add images and video links (see below).

Change text positions.

Use this button to add special characters such as ©.

The remaining buttons mostly relate to advance editing of the html code and are probably best left alone!

Adding image links using the Editor Toolbar…

For images click on the “insert/edit image” button and a small window will appear…

To add images you need to reference them from an existing image on the Internet - for example a webpage, flickr account or facebook.

Add web page links

If you wish to add a link to another web page in your text simply type the address in full (the http:// part at the beginning is optional). So www.jurassicwebdesign.co.uk and http://www.jurassicwebdesign.co.uk will both work!

Useful tips

To copy text (from any source - for example another web site) - Highlight the text you want using the mouse and Press CTRL and C

To paste text into the Editor - Click the flashing text cursor where you want the text to appear and Press CTRL and V

Type or paste the web address of the image. You MUST include http:// at the beginning.

See below to see where you can find out the web address of an image.

In these two boxes type a short description.

If the web address of the desired image is correct you will see a preview here.

Click on “insert” to add the image to your text. You may wish to resize the image before adding it though….

Resizing and other options…

Click on the middle tab in the small window called “Appearance”.

You can enter the pixel dimensions in the relevant boxes to change the size of the image. Keep “Constrain Proportions” ticked unless you want to make the image long and thin or tall and narrow!

We recommend you leave the other options blank or as they are unless you’re feeling brave!

Finding out what the image web address is and uploading new images…

If you find a suitable image on a web page simple RIGHT CLICK on the image and a list of options will appear (example is using IE9)…

Select “Properties” at the bottom of the list.

A new window appears…

This is the image web address!

Highlight the entire address and either RIGHT CLICK and select “Copy” or press CTRL and C on your keyboard.

(Ensure you have the complete address as long ones will not be completely displayed - move your cursor to the start of the address and drag it to the right and down to ensure you have it all).

If you want to use an image from your computer…

You will need to use an online photo album or similar which enables you “browse” and upload your own pictures.

Probably the easiest method is to add new photos to your facebook account.

Alternatively use an online photo album such as www.flickr.com

close this window

CLICK HERE to close this window and return to your web site

close this window

CLICK HERE to close this window and return to your web site

Turn the spell checker on and off by clicking this button.

Some web browsers do not have “properties”. Instead look for an option such as “copy image location” (firefox), “copy image address” (safari & Opera), “copy image url” (google chrome). You will not see another window: just use paste where you want to place the address - i.e. the image url box when placing a picture into your blog etc.